Why Are My Table Saw Cuts Not Straight?

Cutting At Table Saw

We all think the “measure twice, cut once” axiom will always result in both an accurate cut and a straight cut.  However, that will not be the case on our table saw if something is amiss. You’d think setting your …

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How To Remove J-B Weld Safely

J-B Weld

There is the notion that nothing ever lasts forever and that things change always, in time.  Those thoughts crossed my mind as I was looking for a way to begin this piece. While J-B Weld is an excellent bonding agent, …

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What Is A Bevel Cut?

Miter Saw Bevel Cut

We all know in woodworking that there are many types of cuts – straight cuts, through cuts, non-through cuts, mitered cuts – and the power tool or tools we use to make these cuts depends on the type of cut. …

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How To Cut Aluminum In A Woodworking Shop

Miter Saw Cutting Aluminum

We’re used to cutting wood with both power tools and hand tools.  After all, it’s a woodworking shop, and our projects involve working with wood. However, sometimes we incorporate a metal into our work.  Perhaps it’s a piece of furniture, …

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Does J-B Weld Work On Wood?

J-B Weld Products

Joining things together is an integral part of woodworking.  All kinds of joinery techniques, creating a tabletop by gluing planks together, and more, are a part of the work we do in our shops.   When it comes to glues and …

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Does Wood Glue Work On Painted Wood?

Glue On White Board

We woodworkers are accustomed to using wood glues on raw wood.  Sometimes our woodworking project is assembling planks for a tabletop; sometimes, it’s in joinery work. But, it’s mostly with raw wood that, once the glue has dried and any …

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Does WD-40 Remove Water Stains On Wood?

WD-40 Can

It’s hard to sneak around when doors squeak when opened or closed.  Sure, a little WD-40 can cure that, but parents would prefer that doors squeak so they can keep track of the time when kids get home on date …

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Does Wood Glue Work On MDF?

MDF Wood Glue

It’s likely we all began working with wood glue when we were kids.  Crafts time in school and woodworking time in shop class were all glue times for us. When we created our own woodworking shop, we continued to use …

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How To Cut Wooden Dowels

Wooden Dowel

We know what wooden dowels are, and we have all used them from time to time, either in making something or repairing something in our woodworking shop.  You run to the local hardware store, where you will find wood dowels …

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How To Soften Wood: 9 Easy Ways!

Bending Plywood

When we are making furniture in our woodworking shop, we think about a hard and durable wood that will be strong enough to support the weight (chairs and tables, for instance) and last a long time. But, not all woodworking …

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How To Make Wood Filler Without Sawdust

We’ve written of wood fillers in the past, and the most comprehensive piece published on these pages had to do with choosing the right wood filler for your project.  It will answer many, if not most, of the questions you …

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Does Hot Glue Work On Wood?

Hot Glue Gun on Wood

I’m not a crafty person…well, let me rephrase that:  I am not a crafts person.  I have friends that make crafts and sell them at craft fairs.  It’s a sideline for them, and making the crafts is more important to …

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Can You Sand Wet Wood?

Sanding Wood

We’ve measured and cut the wood for our project; glued, attached, and assembled the wood according to the project plans; and it’s now time to prepare the wood for our chosen finish.  We all know this drill and the progression …

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How To Use A Combination Square (Beginner To Pro)

Combination Squares

In younger days, the rule was not to be a square.  In the woodworking shop, however, square is everything.  There are few things worse than looking at a frame (mirror, painting, picture, window, door) or a tabletop or desk that …

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