The Tamangur Bass: A Symphony in Wood by Danou Guitars

This is the Tamangur bass guitar, an exquisite example of fine luthiery by Danou Guitars, which speaks volumes about the innovative craftsmanship of stringed instruments.

Design and Structure

The Tamangur bass stands out with its sleek, minimalist design. It is devoid of the traditional body wing but maintains the essential contours of a bass guitar.

Its slender, elongated neck stretches into what appears to be a single-cutaway body, culminating in an elegantly curved headstock that houses precision tuning machines.

Wood Selection

Crafted from select tonewoods, the guitar’s body showcases the natural grain, indicating the wood’s quality and acoustic properties.

The choice of wood contributes to the instrument’s warm, resonant tone, aesthetic appeal, and overall playability.


Danou Guitars has employed advanced woodworking techniques to sculpt the guitar’s body and neck into fluid, organic forms.

The seamless integration of the neck and body suggests a through-neck construction, which enhances sustain and stability.

Hardware and Electronics

The hardware is minimalistic, focusing on functionality and sound. The bass is equipped with strings anchored by a robust, fixed bridge, which ensures optimal string tension and tonal clarity.

The pickups are likely to be passive, chosen to capture the wood’s natural resonance and translate it into a pure, uncolored bass tone.


The Tamangur bass by Danou Guitars is not just an instrument; it’s a piece of functional art. It reflects a modern approach to guitar making, where the wood’s essence is allowed to take center stage, both visually and sonically.

This instrument is a testament to the innovative spirit that drives contemporary woodworkers and luthiers to push the boundaries of design and craftsmanship.

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