Is Pine Good For Carving?

Carving Wood

We have mentioned before that we are not wood carvers, but we have friends who are.  When we have questions about carving, we turn to them and follow their advice. In order to answer the question of this article, we …

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Does Pine Stain Well?

Stained Pine Doors

While we have moved away somewhat from default staining our woodworking projects, turning instead to wood oils or products like Rubio Monocoat, we still will occasionally use a wood stain as part of finishing the project.  Stains come in a …

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Can You Use Pine For A Cutting Board?

Can You Use Pine For Cutting Board

A day doesn’t go by that I don’t use a wooden cutting board in my kitchen.  All of my cutting boards are wooden, although I’ve used hard plastic cutting boards in the past.  Two are of bamboo, and one is …

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Is Douglas Fir a Hardwood Or A Softwood?

Is Douglas Fir a Hardwood Or A Softwood

In a previous article, we asked the question of whether something that was hard can also be soft.  In this article, we ask in the reverse:  can something that is soft also be hard?  We’re talking wood here, and we …

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Is Pine a Hardwood Or A Softwood?

Is Pine a Hardwood Or A Softwood

We all know the words hard and soft, and we know what they mean, generally.  When it comes to wood, though, it is not quite so intuitive as we might think. Those of us who work with wood know that …

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Is Pine a Strong Wood?

Is Pine a Strong Wood

We’ve written of hard and soft woods in the past, and each has its best uses in a woodworking shop.  Don’t conflate hard and soft as strong and weak, though.  When used in the right projects, all woods have strengths …

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Is Poplar Stronger Than Pine?

Is Poplar Stronger Than Pine

Is a hardwood a hard wood?  That may seem like a silly question, but it is a fair one, and the answer depends on something called the Janka test.  It also depends on the wood to which one is being …

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