How Strong Is Cedar Wood?

Cedar Wood

Most of us are familiar with cedar wood and its various uses.  Perhaps we use aromatic red cedar to build a clothes closet or put a cedar block or a bag of cedar chips in the closet both for its …

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Does Cedar Stain Well?

Cedar Board Stained

We recently wrote an article about painting cedar wood white.  While we wonder why anyone would want to since cedar is a beautiful wood on its own, we had been asked, and so we answered.  Everyone walks their own woodworking …

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Can Cedar Be Painted White?

Cedar Board Painted White

The white picket fence was always a part of the American home ownership dream.  It wasn’t meant to keep pesky animals out, animals that might feast on your flowers or lawn; it was meant to put a finishing touch on …

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Is Cedar Good For Cutting Boards?

Cedar Board

There has been an unusual trend of late in the food e-zines I subscribe to and read each day, one that does not make a lot of sense to me. Perhaps you have read about or heard of butter boards.  …

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