Tablesaw Rust Prevention Smackdown: Which Method Reigns Supreme?

In the video “Best Ways to Protect Your Table Saw from Rust,” Jared from The Evening Woodworker conducts a thorough comparison of various methods to prevent rust on cast iron tools, specifically focusing on table saws.

This video is an essential resource for woodworkers aiming to keep their tools in pristine condition.

Jared sets up an experiment using a real table saw wing partitioned into four sections to test the effectiveness of different rust prevention methods: paste wax, T9 Boeshield and Glide Coat, Carbon Method, and CRC 336.

He meticulously follows each product’s application instructions to ensure fair testing.

The first method, paste wax, involves applying two thin coats of Minwax finishing wax. Jared explains that while paste wax has been a go-to for years, it has limitations, especially with the discontinuation of Johnson’s paste wax.

Next, Jared tests his current method: a combination of T9 Boeshield for rust prevention and Glide Coat for friction reduction.

This method is straightforward but surprisingly underperforms in his tests.

The third product, the Carbon Method, receives high praise for its comprehensive but complex application process. Jared follows the four-step process of prepping, coating, leveling, and buffing, applying multiple thin coats to achieve optimal protection.

Finally, Jared explores CRC 336, a heavy-duty rust inhibitor commonly used in industrial settings. Despite being lesser-known in woodworking circles, it proves to be highly effective in his tests.

Jared conducts a series of rigorous tests, including exposure to condensation, rainwater, shop materials like wood glue and CA glue, and a wear simulation using an automated machine.

The results are clear: while all methods show some degree of rust after exposure, the Carbon Method consistently performs best, followed closely by CRC 336.

Through detailed demonstrations and clear explanations, Jared highlights the strengths and weaknesses of each method. He concludes with a ranking based on overall performance, with the Carbon Method emerging as the best option despite its higher cost.

“Best Ways to Protect Your Table Saw from Rust” is an invaluable guide for woodworkers seeking to safeguard their tools.

Jared’s methodical approach and insightful commentary provide viewers with the knowledge needed to choose the best rust prevention strategy for their workshop.