SUPER EASY Key Holder Shelves

In the video “Easy Key Holder Shelf Build,” Jay Bates from Jay Bates’ Woodworking demonstrates how to create a functional and stylish key holder shelf using scrap wood.

This project is perfect for anyone looking to utilize leftover materials and complete a quick, satisfying build.

Watch The Full How-To Video:

Jay begins by explaining his choice to use 2×4 scrap pieces instead of purchasing new 1×4 lumber. He efficiently rips the 2x4s into 3-inch wide pieces to remove the rounded corners and then splits them in half, yielding two usable pieces from each 2×4.

This method showcases Jay’s commitment to resourcefulness and sustainability in woodworking.

One of the standout moments in the video is Jay’s solution to the common problem of finding suitable hardware. He transforms brass cup hooks and mounting hardware by spray painting them with a durable black epoxy spray, giving them a modern, sleek appearance. This creative touch adds a professional finish to the project without the need for specialized hardware.

Jay also highlights his precision in cutting and detailing the shelf components. He makes 15° cuts on the shelf and wall pieces and routes a chamfer detail on the bottom of the shelf and the front of the wall piece, adding a refined look. Using a story stick for consistent spacing, Jay quickly marks the locations for the cup hooks, ensuring uniformity across all pieces.

Additionally, Jay demonstrates practical assembly techniques, including drilling countersunk holes for wall mounting and pocket holes for attaching the shelf to the wall piece. His clear and methodical approach makes the process easy to follow, even for novice woodworkers.

Throughout the video, Jay’s presentation is engaging and informative. His emphasis on using scrap materials and straightforward techniques makes this project accessible and rewarding. The final product is a stylish and functional key holder shelf that fits well in any home, particularly those leaning towards a darker, more modern aesthetic.

“Easy Key Holder Shelf Build” is an excellent project for woodworkers looking to create something useful and attractive from scrap materials. Jay Bates’ clear instructions and practical tips ensure a successful build, making this video a valuable resource for DIY enthusiasts.