Sunniva Outdoor Swing: A Study in Award-Winning Woodworking Design

The Sunniva Outdoor Swing, an exceptional piece of outdoor furniture that captures the essence of woodworking artistry.

As a recipient of the International A’ Design Award 2016, this swing embodies an elegance that is both visually stunning and ergonomically superior.

Design Philosophy:

Brian Boggs‘ design draws inspiration from the sinuous curves of Asian timber frame architecture, infusing this heritage with a modern sensibility.

Handmade with meticulous care in Asheville, North Carolina, the Sunniva Swing is more than a seating option; it is a destination of comfort for any outdoor space.

Construction Excellence:

The creation of the Sunniva Swing is a meticulous process, starting with the selection of premium logs sawn specifically for this project.

The use of bent lamination techniques gives life to the elegant curves that define its structure. This method not only ensures aesthetic fluidity but also enhances the durability of the piece for outdoor use.

Seamless Movement:

An optional cantilevered stand, equipped with silent bushings, offers a seamless and soundless swinging experience.

The engineering behind this feature demonstrates a deep understanding of material properties and movement dynamics.

Weatherproof Joinery:

The swing showcases precision joinery, a testament to the expertise required to create a piece that withstands the elements without compromising its integrity.

The weatherproofing details are a subtle yet crucial aspect of its construction, ensuring longevity and consistent performance.

Material Integrity:

Standing firmly on feet protected by thick recycled rubber, the Sunniva Swing is poised to endure, with the ground contact points safeguarded against moisture and wear.

Honduran Mahogany, chosen for its beauty and resilience, lends the swing its rich color and grain pattern, perfect for outdoor settings.

Optional Enhancements:

To further protect and preserve the swing, optional furniture covers are available, tailored to offer a snug fit and optimal protection from inclement weather.

In Summary:

The Sunniva Outdoor Swing is not just a functional item but a celebration of woodworking ingenuity.

It serves as an inspiration to woodworkers and designers alike, representing a fusion of traditional motifs and contemporary crafting techniques.

For those seeking to enrich their outdoor spaces, the Sunniva Swing stands out as a paragon of design and woodworking excellence.

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