Storage Drawers Under a Deck | 2 Ways to DIY It

In April Wilkerson’s video titled “How to Build a Large Under-Deck Storage Drawer,” she provides a comprehensive tutorial on maximizing under-deck space by constructing a large, watertight storage drawer.

This is an ideal solution for anyone looking to utilize the often wasted space beneath their deck while ensuring that stored items remain dry and secure.

April starts the project by highlighting the issue of underutilized space beneath decks, proposing a practical solution that not only optimizes this area but also enhances the usability of the deck itself.

She introduces the concept of a “corpse cooler-sized” drawer, quickly clarifying that it’s intended for storing yard tools and equipment rather than anything macabre.

Her engaging style mixes humor with clear, actionable instructions, making the project approachable for DIY enthusiasts of various skill levels.

The construction process is detailed thoroughly, starting from framing the opening beneath the deck to installing structural supports that ensure the drawer operates smoothly and remains elevated from the ground.

This elevation is crucial for protecting the contents from moisture and pests.

April uses a product called Tough Tech’s Deck Drain, a corrugated material known for its lightweight, durable, and waterproof qualities, to line the drawer.

She provides a mini-tutorial on installing this material, including tips on creating a slope for optimal water drainage using specially designed brackets.

This segment of the video is particularly informative as it addresses common concerns about outdoor storage solutions, such as water damage and maintenance issues.

As the project progresses, April demonstrates the installation of the drawer itself, which is built to substantial dimensions to accommodate large tools and equipment.

She emphasizes the importance of the drawer being watertight and shows the viewers step-by-step how to achieve this, from the framing and panel installation to the sealing techniques that prevent water ingress.

The video concludes with April testing the functionality of the drawer, confirming its ease of use and effectiveness at utilizing the space under her deck.

Her presentation is methodical and filled with practical advice, ensuring viewers have all the information they need to replicate the project successfully.

This video is not just a tutorial but also a source of inspiration for rethinking how outdoor spaces can be organized and optimized.

April’s clear explanations and the professional quality of the video make it a valuable resource for anyone interested in home improvement and DIY projects.

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