Stop what you’re doing and build this for your shop

In “How to Build the Most Useful Shop Accessory,” Jon from Lincoln St. Woodworks presents a detailed tutorial on constructing a versatile and highly functional boom arm for dust collection in the workshop.

This accessory, as Jon explains, is not just a simple addition but a game-changer for maintaining a clean and efficient workspace.

Jon begins by addressing the feedback from a previous video on dust collection, where viewers requested more information on his boom arm setup.

He then dives into why a boom arm is considered an essential tool in any small shop.

With the help of his friend James, Jon outlines the boom arm’s benefits, such as easy stowage, effective hose and cable management, and its adaptability to various hand tools and hard-to-reach cleaning spots.

The construction process starts with a trip to the local home center to pick up materials, including a three-quarter inch sheet of plywood or MDF, door hinges, zip ties, an extension cord, and a universal shop vac hose extension kit.

Jon emphasizes the simplicity of the build, guiding viewers through cutting the plywood into a strip and detailing the measurements and cuts needed to create the boom arm’s structure.

Jon’s approach is both practical and humorous, making the project accessible to woodworkers of all skill levels.

He includes tips for lightening the boom arm by drilling holes and adding an aesthetic touch by rounding the edges. The tutorial covers assembling the boom arm, attaching it to the wall, and setting up the dust collection hoses and extension cord.

This video is packed with useful tips and clever solutions, showcasing Jon’s expertise and creative problem-solving skills.

The boom arm project exemplifies how a simple DIY build can significantly impact workshop organization and cleanliness.

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