Stain can look REALLY gross

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In “How to Properly Stain and Finish Your Furniture Projects,” Scott Walsh shares invaluable tips and techniques for achieving a professional finish on furniture made from construction lumber.

Scott emphasizes the importance of preparation and the right approach to staining and finishing, ensuring even beginners can achieve excellent results.

Scott begins by stressing the necessity of sanding for a well-prepped surface, explaining how it affects the stain’s application and the final look.

He demonstrates the stark difference between unsanded and poorly sanded lumber versus well-sanded surfaces, providing a clear visual of why meticulous sanding is crucial.

He introduces viewers to gel stains, highlighting their unique properties compared to traditional stains.

Gel stains sit on the wood’s surface, offering a uniform color without the deep penetration of regular stains.

This characteristic can be advantageous, but Scott also discusses the potential downsides and how to apply gel stain effectively to avoid common pitfalls.

A significant part of the video is dedicated to debunking the myth that stain alone can protect wood. Scott clarifies that a protective finish, like oil-based polyurethane, is essential for durability and the wood’s longevity.

He walks through the application of both stain and finish, offering tips for achieving a smooth, even coat.

Scott also tackles common misconceptions about staining and finishing tools, suggesting that the best tool is the one you’re most comfortable with, whether it’s a foam brush, a bristle brush, or a rag.

He shares his preferences and reasons, aiming to help viewers find what works best for them.

The tutorial is comprehensive, covering everything from the initial sanding to the final application of finish.

Scott’s approachable teaching style and practical advice make this video a must-watch for anyone looking to enhance their furniture projects with stain and finish.

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