Small Workshop Design // My 4 Essential Tips

In “4 Tips to Layout and Improve Your Small Workshop,” Jon from Lincoln St. Woodworks shares invaluable advice for maximizing the efficiency and functionality of a small workshop space.

Working out of a single-car garage measuring 12 by 20 feet, Jon has managed to create a workspace that is both compact and highly efficient, without feeling cramped.

His video is aimed at hobbyists who face the challenge of fitting big tools into limited spaces and offers practical solutions based on his own experiences.

Jon’s four key tips are:

  1. Compromise: Recognizing the limitations of a small space is crucial. Jon emphasizes the importance of deciding on essential tools and features that you cannot compromise on and then working around those to optimize the remaining space. This approach helps in making informed decisions about tool purchases and shop layout, ensuring that the space is used effectively.
  2. Mobility and Wall Storage: While Jon doesn’t count these as separate tips, he stresses the importance of having mobile tools and utilizing wall space for storage. This flexibility allows for easy rearrangement of the workshop to suit different projects and needs.
  3. Forget Traditional Workflow Concepts: Jon challenges the traditional notion of workflow that emphasizes grouping similar tools together. In a small workshop, the priority should be on placing tools where they fit best and where they can be used most effectively, rather than sticking to conventional workflow layouts.
  4. Don’t Feel Compelled to Build Everything: Jon advises against the urge to DIY every storage solution or workbench. Utilizing pre-existing furniture or inexpensive solutions can save both time and money, allowing you to focus on actual woodworking projects rather than becoming bogged down with endless shop projects.

Jon’s video is a testament to the idea that with creativity, careful planning, and a willingness to adapt, even the smallest workshops can be transformed into highly functional spaces that cater to a wide range of woodworking projects.

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