In the video “How to Build a Simple Toolbox,” Ale’s Everyday provides a step-by-step guide to creating a basic yet functional toolbox.

This project is ideal for beginners and can be completed with minimal tools, making it a perfect DIY activity for the whole family.

Full How To Build Video

Ale starts by outlining the materials needed: a single six-foot by six-inch board, three-quarters of an inch thick, and a one-inch dowel.

He emphasizes the affordability of the project, costing only two or three dollars. Ale’s use of pine keeps costs low while still producing a sturdy, useful toolbox.

The construction begins with measuring and cutting the pieces: two 17.5-inch side pieces, a 10-inch front and back, and a 17-inch bottom. Ale carefully explains each measurement and cut, ensuring clarity for viewers.

He reassures those without power tools that everything can be done manually, although he uses power tools for efficiency.

A highlight of the video is Ale’s attention to detail in assembling the toolbox. He demonstrates how to measure and cut the holes for the dowel handle, ensuring precise placement.

Ale also shows how to create decorative dog ears on the side pieces, adding both style and functionality to the toolbox.

Ale’s thorough approach includes a dry assembly to check the fit of all pieces before final assembly.

He uses glue and brad nails for construction, providing tips on when to use screws for added strength. His advice on drilling pilot holes to prevent splitting is particularly useful for those working with pine.

Throughout the video, Ale’s practical tips and clear instructions make the project accessible to woodworkers of all skill levels.

His emphasis on simplicity and functionality, combined with a touch of creativity, results in a project that is both enjoyable and rewarding.

“How to Build a Simple Toolbox” is a great resource for anyone looking to create a practical, handmade gift or a new addition to their workshop.

Ale’s expertise and engaging teaching style ensure viewers can confidently follow along and complete the project successfully.