Simple Cedar Bird House

In the video “DIY Cedar Birdhouse for $3,” Travis from How I Do Things DIY demonstrates how to build a simple cedar birdhouse using just $3 worth of materials.

This video is perfect for DIY enthusiasts looking to create functional and attractive birdhouses with minimal tools and cost.

Travis starts by explaining that the entire project only requires a single four-foot cedar fence picket from Home Depot. He emphasizes that fancy tools are not necessary, as he completes the build using just a jigsaw and a circular saw.

Travis’s approach makes this project accessible to a wide audience, showcasing that anyone can build cool stuff with basic tools.

The video provides a step-by-step guide, beginning with cutting all the pieces according to the provided plans. Travis highlights the importance of labeling each piece after cutting to keep the project organized.

He shares practical tips, such as using a straight edge to ensure straight cuts with a circular saw and marking roof pieces for accurate 45-degree cuts using a jigsaw to avoid dangerous mistakes.

A standout moment is when Travis demonstrates how to create the birdhouse entrance hole. He explains the versatility of hole sizes depending on the type of birds you want to attract and shows how to use a Forstner bit for a clean, precise cut. His method of starting with a pilot hole, cutting halfway, and then finishing from the other side ensures a clean result with no tear-out.

Before assembly, Travis advises sanding all pieces to save time and ensure a smooth finish. He uses wood glue and brad nails for assembly, sharing tips for achieving strong, secure joints. For those without a brad nailer, he suggests alternative fastening methods, making the process adaptable to different tool sets.

Travis’s finishing touches include using Odie’s oil to enhance the wood’s natural color and provide additional protection. He highlights the eco-friendliness of the oil, ensuring it’s safe for birds. To install the birdhouse, Travis offers various methods, from screwing it into a tree or pole to hanging it with threaded eyes.

Throughout the video, Travis’s clear instructions and practical tips make the project straightforward and enjoyable. His engaging presentation and emphasis on simplicity and accessibility make this video an excellent resource for DIY enthusiasts of all skill levels.

“DIY Cedar Birdhouse for $3” is a fantastic guide for anyone looking to create a budget-friendly, attractive birdhouse. Travis’s expertise and approachable teaching style ensure viewers can confidently tackle this project and enjoy the satisfaction of building something functional and beautiful for their outdoor space.