saw blades I regret not getting sooner

In “Choosing the Right Saw Blades – An Essential Guide,” Drew Witt from Wittworks delves into the intricacies of selecting saw blades for woodworking, focusing on price, performance, and longevity.

Drew starts with a candid admission of his usual spending habits and his initial hesitation to invest in high-priced saw blades, setting a relatable tone for many DIY enthusiasts.

Drew reviews a new line of thin kerf saw blades from CMT, designed specifically for less powerful or non-industrial saws typically found in home workshops.

He compares these with the more commonly available Diablo blades from big box stores, highlighting differences in cost, performance, and features.

One standout feature Drew emphasizes is the thin kerf of the CMT blades, which enhances their suitability for lower-powered saws by reducing the power needed to make cuts.

He thoroughly tests these blades across various wood types and conditions, providing a detailed analysis of cut quality, ease of use, and even the potential longevity of the blades based on their build quality and materials used.

An important part of the video discusses the value proposition offered by CMT blades.

Drew points out that while these blades are competitively priced, they also offer the advantage of being re-sharpenable, which can extend their lifespan significantly, offering long-term savings over disposable blades like Diablo.

Throughout the video, Drew maintains a clear and informative narrative, supporting his findings with practical demonstrations and personal experiences.

He concludes with advice on selecting the right blade based on individual needs and workshop setups, making the video an invaluable resource for anyone looking to make informed decisions about saw blades for their woodworking projects.

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