Rustic Toilet Paper Holder: Practical Woodworking (Plus DIY Video)

For woodworkers looking for a functional yet aesthetically pleasing project, the rustic toilet paper holder crafted by Bill Jackson-Martin serves as an exemplary piece.

This blog post breaks down the design and creation process for this distinctive bathroom accessory, highlighting its utility and charm.

Design and Functionality

Jackson-Martin’s toilet paper holder showcases a minimalist design that doesn’t compromise on functionality.

It consists of a vertical, solid wood column with carved recesses that comfortably fit standard-sized toilet paper rolls.

The design marries simplicity with practicality, providing storage space for multiple rolls while adding a rustic touch to the bathroom decor.

Material Selection

The choice of wood is paramount in such a piece. It requires a hardwood with enough strength to withstand the wear of daily use and the humidity of a bathroom environment.

The chosen timber’s texture and grain pattern also contribute significantly to the holder’s rustic appeal, as they are left exposed to be admired.

Craftsmanship Details

Each recess carved into the wood is smoothed and rounded, ensuring the paper rolls slide in and out without snagging.

The holder’s height is thoughtfully considered, keeping the rolls within easy reach while accommodating the size of standard rolls.

The entire piece is sanded to a fine finish to prevent splinters and sealed with a moisture-resistant finish to protect the wood in a damp bathroom atmosphere.

Sustainable Approach

In creating the toilet paper holder, Jackson-Martin emphasizes a sustainable approach.

This involves using locally sourced wood or reclaimed timber, reducing the carbon footprint and contributing to a circular economy.

Moreover, such a creation offers a durable alternative to plastic or metal holders, emphasizing longevity and reducing waste.

Installation Ease

The wooden toilet paper holder is designed to stand independently, negating the need for wall mounting or complex installation processes.

This approach adds to its versatility, allowing for easy relocation within the bathroom space as needed.

In Conclusion

Bill Jackson-Martin’s toilet paper holder exemplifies how woodworking can blend functionality with natural beauty.

Projects like this are excellent opportunities for woodworkers to create practical items that serve everyday needs while showcasing the inherent beauty of wood through simple yet elegant designs.

DIY Video

Not the same, but I still like this project:

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