Rustic Electric Guitar: An Ode to Nature and Music

At the intersection of music and woodworking, a unique electric guitar emerges that celebrates the raw beauty of nature.

This guitar isn’t your conventional instrument; it’s a piece that embodies the rugged charm of the wilderness, appealing to the woodworker’s appreciation for natural materials in their untouched state.

The Body:

The guitar body appears to be made from a single slab of wood, combining live edge elements with a more refined, polished section.

The wood’s natural edge, with its rough bark and irregular surface, is preserved on one side, giving the guitar an asymmetrical and organic profile that stands out against the smooth, contoured side typically seen on electric guitars.

Materials and Construction:

The contrasting textures of the wood suggest a fusion of different species or a single piece that includes both the sapwood and heartwood.

The latter is often smoother and has been polished to a lustrous sheen to enhance the grain patterns, while the former retains its rugged, bark-covered surface.

This choice of material showcases a bold statement in design, merging functionality with a profound respect for the wood’s original form.

Hardware and Details:

The hardware, including the pickups, bridge, and control knobs, is installed in the polished area, offering a juxtaposition between the modern functionality of the guitar and the untouched aspects of the wood. The selection and placement of hardware seem to be done thoughtfully to ensure that the natural characteristics of the wood are undisturbed, possibly requiring custom fitting to accommodate the uneven surface.


For woodworkers, this guitar represents an advanced level of craftsmanship, not only in woodworking but in understanding the nuances of musical instrument construction.

Adapting the woodworking process to fit the precise needs of a functional instrument without compromising the aesthetic appeal requires a deep knowledge of both fields.

The Final Piece:

The result is an electric guitar that’s as much a playable instrument as it is a piece of art.

It showcases the inherent beauty of wood in its most natural state, paired with the skillful craftsmanship required to turn a raw slab into a functioning guitar.

It’s a testament to the versatility of wood as a material and the creativity of woodworkers and luthiers alike.


Not this guitar, but I found this video really interesting.

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