21 Awesome Cutting Board Design Ideas!

round checkerboard cutting board

I was looking for new cutting board designs and ideas and decided to try something a little different. I wanted to give them to friends as presents, but didn’t want to make the same old boring designs. As you have …

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What Is The Best Wood For cutting Boards?

Cutting Boards

In restaurant kitchens, you are likely to see plastic cutting boards used.  They are color-coded and used for a specific cutting purpose:  vegetables on one, raw chicken on another, cooked chicken on a third, then fish, raw meat, cooked meat, …

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Is Cedar Good For Cutting Boards?

Cedar Board

There has been an unusual trend of late in the food e-zines I subscribe to and read each day, one that does not make a lot of sense to me. Perhaps you have read about or heard of butter boards.  …

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Can You Use Pine For A Cutting Board?

Can You Use Pine For Cutting Board

A day doesn’t go by that I don’t use a wooden cutting board in my kitchen.  All of my cutting boards are wooden, although I’ve used hard plastic cutting boards in the past.  Two are of bamboo, and one is …

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Is Hickory Good For Cutting Boards?

Is Hickory Good For Cutting Boards

The cutting boards in our kitchen get a lot of work.  That’s boards, plural.  There’s one for poultry, another for red and white meats, and a third for vegetables.  The one thing in common among the three, though, is the …

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Is White Oak Good For Cutting Boards?

White Oak Cutting Board

I’ve often been asked about the best wood for making cutting boards. Through my experience and practice, I’ve found that white oak is a strong candidate. I’ve discovered that white oak’s natural antibacterial properties and water resistance make it stand …

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Can You Stain a Charcuterie Board?

Can You Stain a Charcuterie Board

Wood kitchen countertops have become somewhat popular of late, and it’s an excellent choice for the home cook.  We live near a sawmill and have access to slabs of a variety of woods at custom lengths.  With a kitchen remodel …

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