Pro Level Cabinet doors || Stop Making Shaker Style Doors

In the video “Building Custom Arched Cabinet Doors,” Jason from Bourbon Moth Woodworking takes viewers through the process of creating unique arched cabinet doors.

This project is a departure from the standard shaker-style doors, incorporating advanced techniques and showcasing Jason’s creativity and woodworking skills.

Jason starts by outlining the design for a 10-foot long hutch with custom doors that feature arched tops and raised panels at the bottom. He selects beautiful rift sawn white oak for its straight, vertical grain, which provides a clean and elegant look compared to regular oak. The first step involves milling the boards to ensure they are perfectly flat and square, a crucial process for building sturdy and aesthetically pleasing doors.

A key part of the video is Jason’s method for creating the rail and stile pieces. He explains the necessity of using thicker material to allow for proper milling and avoid warping. The top rail is particularly thick to accommodate the arch, and he uses a combination of table saw and router table techniques to cut stop dados and tenons. These steps ensure the doors will be strong and fit together precisely.

The video also delves into the challenge of making raised panels. Jason demonstrates how to glue up panels from multiple pieces of rift sawn oak, achieving a seamless look despite the joints. He then uses a custom jig on his table saw to cut the raised panel angles, a technique he thoroughly explains for those unfamiliar with the process.

One of the standout moments is Jason’s innovative finishing approach. To maintain the rustic appearance provided by Rubio Monocoat Pre-Aging, he uses wax paper to apply a protective paraffin wax finish. This unconventional method preserves the aged look without altering the color, a clever solution for pieces that won’t see heavy use.

Assembling the doors involves careful gluing and clamping to avoid squeeze-out on the pre-finished panels. Jason emphasizes the importance of precise measurements to ensure everything is square and fits perfectly. Finally, he creates a template for the arched tops using a Shaper Origin, showcasing both high-tech and traditional woodworking techniques.

Throughout the video, Jason’s humor, expertise, and detailed explanations make complex woodworking techniques accessible. “Building Custom Arched Cabinet Doors” is an excellent resource for woodworkers looking to tackle more advanced projects and incorporate unique design elements into their work.

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