Perfect Fit Every Time Dado Jig – Essential Tool For Woodwork – Easy to Make

In “How To Make A Router Dado Jig,” John Heisz – I Build It shares a detailed tutorial on creating a router dado jig from scrap plywood.

This project is aimed at woodworkers looking to make precise dado cuts with ease and accuracy. John’s approach simplifies the process, making it accessible for woodworkers of all skill levels.

John begins by discussing the inspiration behind the jig, stemming from a need to cut dados efficiently during a previous project.

He emphasizes the importance of a sharp saw blade for clean cuts, especially when working with plywood, to avoid the hassle of cleaning up rough edges.

The construction of the jig involves cutting pieces of plywood to specific dimensions. John uses a combination of ¾-inch and ½-inch plywood for the main parts of the jig, ensuring it’s sturdy and reliable.

He also cuts strips of ¼-inch plywood to create a shelf within the jig where the router base will sit, allowing for smooth operation.

A critical step in the assembly is ensuring the components are square, as precision is key to the jig’s effectiveness. John demonstrates how to glue and screw the pieces together, forming an L-shaped piece that serves as the foundation of the jig.

John introduces an innovative clamping mechanism that allows the jig to be adjusted and secured to different widths of material, ensuring versatility.

This mechanism involves creating a slot in the ¾-inch plywood to accommodate a carriage bolt, allowing for easy adjustment of the jig’s width.

The tutorial includes a test cut to establish the edge of the dado, which also serves as a guide for aligning the jig during use. John’s methodical approach ensures that the jig is not only functional but also adaptable to various project needs.

John’s video is an excellent resource for anyone looking to enhance their woodworking projects with precise dado cuts.

His clear instructions and practical tips make building this router dado jig an achievable task for woodworkers looking to add a valuable tool to their arsenal.

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