Pear Wood Vase with Copper Wire

This is a wood-turned vase crafted from pear wood, distinguished by the addition of copper wire.

The vase stands out due to its warm tones and the striking feature of a ‘stitched’ crack that runs along its side, suggesting a fusion of traditional woodworking with a touch of metalworking.

Material and Design:

Pear wood is the primary material used for the vase, chosen for its fine grain and the smooth finish it affords.

The wood’s natural pattern and color variations offer a visually pleasing canvas, while the added copper wire not only provides a functional solution to what appears to be a natural defect in the wood but also adds an intriguing design element.


The crafting of this vase would have involved a lathe to achieve the symmetrical and rounded shape.

The precision with which the crack has been ‘stitched’ suggests a careful and creative approach to woodworking, turning a potential flaw into a feature.

The copper wire used here is indicative of the woodworker’s ability to incorporate unconventional materials into their design, enhancing the vase’s aesthetic appeal and demonstrating a meticulous attention to detail.

Techniques and Tools:

Creating such a piece requires not only turning skills but also an adept hand at joining and possibly a background in basic metalworking.

The evenly spaced wire suggests measured drilling of the wood, followed by threading the copper wire through and securing it in a way that maintains tension and form.

Function and Aesthetics:

While the vase serves as a decorative piece, the addition of copper wire provides structural support to the wood, which may have been prone to splitting further.

The contrast between the natural, organic lines of the wood and the geometric precision of the wire creates a visually stimulating juxtaposition.

Care and Maintenance:

Pear wood, being a hardwood, is durable, but as with all wood, it is susceptible to changes in humidity and temperature.

Regular dusting and avoidance of direct sunlight can prevent warping or cracking.

The copper wire will develop a patina over time, which can be left to enhance the antique look or be polished to maintain a bright metallic sheen.


This pear wood vase exemplifies how traditional woodworking techniques can adapt and transform when combined with other materials.

The copper ‘stitches’ are not just a remedy but an artistic statement, showcasing the innovative spirit inherent in the craft of woodworking.


Not the same project, but I enjoyed watching this Pear log being turned into a beautiful vase.

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