Patio Chairs are EXPENSIVE… Let’s Make One CHEAP!

In the video “Patio Chairs are EXPENSIVE… Let’s Make One CHEAP!” Brady Hommel demonstrates how to build stylish and cost-effective patio chairs using just five 2x4s. This video is an excellent resource for anyone looking to save money on outdoor furniture without compromising on quality or aesthetics.

Brady starts by discussing his inspiration for the project, which came from an expensive chair he found online. Determined to create a similar design at a fraction of the cost, Brady outlines how he constructed the entire chair frame from five 2x4s. He emphasizes that while he used tools like a jointer and planer for his project, these tools are not necessary. The design can be accomplished with basic tools such as a miter saw or even a handsaw, making it accessible for DIY enthusiasts of all skill levels.

The step-by-step guide begins with Brady cutting the 2x4s into smaller, more manageable lengths. He meticulously details the measurements and cuts needed to create each part of the chair, ensuring that viewers can follow along with precision. Brady also shares tips on removing the rounded edges of the 2x4s to achieve a more polished look, which he accomplishes using a table saw and planer.

A significant portion of the video focuses on assembly techniques. Brady demonstrates how to use pocket holes, dowels, and even a Festool Domino for hidden joinery, providing viewers with multiple options depending on the tools they have available. His clear instructions and practical tips, such as using painters tape to clamp joints temporarily, make the assembly process straightforward.

Brady’s project highlights the affordability of using 2x4s, with the total cost for the chair frame being around $20, including screws. He also addresses the cost of cushions, suggesting 24×24 inch cushions that can be found for around $60, and provides links for viewers interested in purchasing them.

Throughout the video, Brady’s enthusiasm and expertise shine through. His detailed plans, available for download, further support viewers in replicating the project. This video is a valuable guide for anyone looking to create durable and attractive patio furniture on a budget.

“Patio Chairs are EXPENSIVE… Let’s Make One CHEAP!” is a must-watch for DIY enthusiasts and woodworkers looking to enhance their outdoor spaces affordably. Brady Hommel’s clear instructions, practical advice, and budget-friendly approach make this project accessible and enjoyable for all.

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