Masterful Woodwork: Designing the Ideal Kids Playhouse (Plus DIY Video)

This sophisticated playhouse showcases exceptional woodworking skills. This miniaturized structure is not just a child’s retreat but a meticulous carpentry and design demonstration. Construction Excellence: The playhouse’s construction features expertly chosen materials assembled with precision and care. It mirrors the …

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How To Treat Pallet Wood For Outdoor Use

Pallet Wood Outside

Pallets have become popular for woodworking shop use for several reasons, not the least of which is you can often find them free of charge.  Free is a good thing when you are looking for stock to use in the …

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How Long Does Wood Take To Dry After Rain?

Wet Deck

We know that wet wood should not be worked with until it becomes dry wood.  Wet wood will eventually shrink as the moisture content leaves it, and any joints we’ve created with wet wood will lose their strength and stability.   …

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Does Wood Shrink In Cold Weather?

Wooden Furniture in Snow

For those of you who were fans of Seinfeld (I am one), perhaps you remember the episode when the four stars went to the shore, spending the weekend both swimming and sunbathing. Kramer stole lobsters while Jerry and George went …

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Is Red Oak Good For Outdoor Use?

Red Oak Board

We like oak wood and use it occasionally in our woodworking projects.  Oak wood is a popular choice for many different types of projects because of its strength, durability, and beauty. Here are some good uses for oak wood: Key …

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How To Treat Untreated Wood For Outdoor Use

Adirondack Chair

When spring rolls around, and we begin thinking about outdoor projects  – gardens, fences, wooden furniture, decks, patios, pergolas – we woodworkers have a variety of projects to choose from.  The new wooden deck I built behind my house, surrounded …

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How To Waterproof & Seal Plywood for Outdoor Use (Step by Step)

How To Seal Plywood For Exterior Use

Waterproofing plywood is essential for outdoor projects since moisture exposure causes swelling, warping, and rotting that compromises the wood’s structure and longevity. This article provides instructions on how to do it effectively to protect outdoor structures for years. Choosing the …

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Does Plywood Warp When It Gets Wet?

Does Plywood Warp When It Gets Wet

We’re not sure how many times we’ve written these words, but they are worth repeating:  water is the enemy of wood.  Today’s piece is about that very subject once again, this time as it relates to plywood. In the wild, …

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Do You Need Pressure Treated Wood If You Paint It?

Do I Need Pressure-Treated Wood If I Paint It

Choosing the right wood is important for any outdoor project. Pressure-treated wood is known for its sturdiness and longevity, making it popular for outdoor structures. On the other hand, many believe a solid coat of paint can give untreated wood …

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How to Finish & Treat Cedar for Outdoor Use

Does Cedar Need To Be Treated For Outdoor Use

Cedar is a classic choice for outdoor woodworking projects because of its natural resistance to decay and insects. But to get the most beauty and durability from cedar wood, it’s important to properly prep, apply the ideal wood finish, and …

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Is Pressure-Treated Wood Water Resistant?

Is Pressure-Treated Wood Water Resistant

So many of us use decks to extend living space to the outdoors, with a slider allowing easy movement from kitchen to them.  Patio furniture, and maybe a pergola, finish off that outdoor sitting space. A concrete pour, perhaps with …

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The Best Way To Finish White Oak Outdoor Furniture

White oak is naturally durable and water resistant, making it a wise choice for outdoor furniture. This article provides a step-by-step guide for finishing and caring for white oak to withstand the elements. It covers proper surface preparation, an overview …

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