One is a Waste of Money

In the video “One is a Waste of Money,” the creator of Fix This Build That explores whether using cheap screws can hold up as well as investing in premium ones. This practical investigation not only provides insights into the durability and functionality of different screws but also highlights features that many might overlook.

The video kicks off with the creator’s need to build shelves for his shop, which has become cluttered with leftover 2x4s from a previous teardown. This sparks the question of whether it’s worth spending extra money on high-end screws for such projects. To find out, he decides to compare drywall screws, deck screws, and construction screws through a series of tests.

He starts by constructing a jig to test the strength of these screws. Initially, he uses drywall screws, known for being the cheapest option. Despite initial rickety results, he shores up the setup and conducts a jump test to see how much weight the screws can hold. Interestingly, the wood breaks before the screws do, indicating that drywall screws might not be as weak as commonly thought.

Next, he tests deck screws and construction screws, both of which are thicker than drywall screws. He finds that while these screws also bend under pressure, they do not break, suggesting they may offer better durability. However, when testing the premium GRK construction screws, he notices they perform similarly to the others, bending and pulling out of the wood under stress.

The creator takes measurements of the screws’ shank diameters and thread sizes, discovering that the supposed differences between screw sizes might not be as significant as the packaging suggests. He explains how the diameter major (thread-to-thread measurement) and diameter minor (shaft measurement) impact the screw’s ability to resist pullout force and downward shear force.

He concludes that while drywall screws can be used in woodworking projects, they lack the features of more specialized screws, such as Torx drive heads, which prevent stripping, and the robust construction of premium screws. He emphasizes that cost should not be the only factor; the ease of use and reliability of the screws are crucial for quality work.

“One is a Waste of Money” is a must-watch for woodworkers deciding on which screws to purchase. The creator’s thorough testing and clear explanations help viewers make informed decisions, ensuring they choose the best screws for their projects.

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