The Intricate Art of Moose Antler Carving (Watch The Video)

This moose antler has been transformed into an awe-inspiring piece of art, highlighting the incredible talents of young artist Samuel Côté from Quebec City, Canada.

At just 20 years old, Côté has developed an extraordinary knack for turning found antler sheds into detailed masterpieces, skillfully blending his passion for wildlife with his artistic flair.

Background and Artist’s Journey:

Samuel Côté, a naturally gifted artist, has been honing his artistic skills since he was seven.

His journey into antler carving began in 2013, motivated by his admiration for nature and moose. Côté’s first creation was sold swiftly via social media, launching his hobby into a successful career.

His carvings not only showcase his technical ability but also bring attention to the majesty of the moose, the largest member of the deer family in North America.


Here is a video of Samual at work.

Artistic Process:

The carving process involves meticulous planning and a deep understanding of the material’s structure.

Antlers, being natural artifacts, provide a unique canvas with an inherent shape and texture. Côté’s approach must respect the original form while introducing intricate details that bring his woodland scenes to life.

This piece, in particular, demonstrates a remarkable level of detail, depth, and lifelikeness, inviting viewers into a serene natural tableau.

Technique and Finishing:

The transformation of rugged antler to fine art demands precision.

Carving tools must be guided with care to avoid fracturing the antler’s intricate layers. Once the carving is complete, the artwork is finished and sealed, which not only preserves the delicate work but also accentuates the antler’s natural color gradients and textures.

Significance and Conservation:

Côté’s work serves as more than artistic expression; it is a conduit for wildlife awareness and conservation.

By immortalizing these majestic creatures in his carvings, he highlights their grandeur and the urgency of protecting them.

His carvings provide an artistic perspective on the issues facing moose populations in North America, from habitat challenges to climate impacts.


This exquisite antler carving by Samuel Côté is a testament to the fusion of art and craftsmanship.

It stands as a remarkable example of how woodworking and artistic imagination can elevate a simple piece of nature into a stunning work of art, while simultaneously casting light on the delicate balance between our wildlife and their ecosystems.

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