The 2024 Month-by-Month Woodworking Project Guide

I’m always excited about new projects and challenges. That’s why I’ve embraced the idea of creating a month-by-month woodworking project list for 2024!

While tackling a new project each month might seem a bit ambitious, it’s a fantastic opportunity to hone your skills, create beautiful and functional pieces, and even involve family members in the joy of woodworking. My goal is to make these projects as accessible and affordable as possible, ensuring that everyone, from beginners to seasoned woodworkers, can find something enjoyable and doable.

Here’s your 2024 Month-by-Month Woodworking Project List – let’s start crafting and make this year one filled with sawdust, satisfaction, and superb creations!

January: Winter-Themed Projects

  • Build a birdhouse to welcome feathered friends.
  • Create a set of coasters with winter motifs.
  • Craft a wooden snowflake decoration.
  • Make a simple wooden sled for decorative purposes.
  • Construct a rustic wooden candle holder.

February: Love and Craftsmanship

  • Carve wooden heart-shaped trinkets or jewelry.
  • Build a small, decorative wooden box for keepsakes.
  • Create a picture frame to hold a cherished photo.
  • Craft a wooden vase for Valentine’s Day flowers.
  • Make a wooden love sign or plaque.

March: Spring Inspirations

  • Construct a planter box for spring flowers.
  • Create a wooden wind chime.
  • Build a bird feeder to attract spring birds.
  • Make a set of garden markers for your herb garden.
  • Craft a simple wooden bench for outdoor seating.

April: Functional Projects

  • Build a wooden stool or a simple chair.
  • Create a mail organizer or key holder.
  • Make a wooden bath caddy or a soap dish.
  • Craft a set of wooden bookends.
  • Construct a simple shoe rack.

May: Gifts and Decorations

  • Make a wooden jewelry box as a Mother’s Day gift.
  • Build a picture frame or a photo album cover.
  • Create a wooden serving tray or cutting board.
  • Craft a set of coasters with floral designs.
  • Construct a decorative wooden lantern.

June: Outdoor Focus

  • Build a set of wooden garden planters.
  • Create a birdhouse or a bat house.
  • Make a wooden swing or a small garden bench.
  • Craft a portable wooden toolbox.
  • Construct a simple outdoor game like a ring toss.

July: Summer Fun

  • Build a wooden ice cream maker paddle.
  • Create a set of wooden beach toys (like shovels or boats).
  • Make a wooden flag for Independence Day.
  • Craft a set of outdoor drink holders.
  • Construct a small wooden boat or a kayak.

August: Back to School

  • Make a wooden desk organizer.
  • Build a bookshelf or a reading nook.
  • Create a pencil holder or a chalkboard.
  • Craft a wooden backpack or coat rack.
  • Construct a simple lap desk.

September: Autumn Projects

  • Build a wooden pumpkin or leaf decorations.
  • Create a wooden wreath for the door.
  • Make a set of wooden candle holders.
  • Craft a wooden blanket ladder.
  • Construct a bird feeder or a squirrel feeder.

October: Halloween and Harvest

  • Make wooden Halloween decorations (like ghosts or bats).
  • Build a wooden candy dispenser.
  • Create a rustic wooden sign for the garden.
  • Craft a set of wooden coasters with Halloween motifs.
  • Construct a wooden crate for apple or pumpkin picking.

November: Preparing for Winter

  • Build a wooden firewood holder or rack.
  • Create a set of wooden ornaments for the holiday season.
  • Make a wooden advent calendar.
  • Craft a wooden centerpiece for the Thanksgiving table.
  • Construct a wooden mug holder or spice rack.

December: Holiday Gifts and Decor

  • Make wooden Christmas tree decorations.
  • Build a wooden nativity scene or menorah.
  • Create a set of wooden toys as gifts.
  • Craft a wooden wreath or a holiday sign.
  • Construct a wooden storage box for holiday decorations.

I hope that 2024 turns out to be your most productive and fulfilling year in woodworking!

Remember, this list is just a starting point – feel free to tweak, modify, or swap out projects to better align with your interests, skill level, and available time. The most important thing is to enjoy the process, learn new skills, and maybe even pass on the love of woodworking to others.

Let’s make 2024 a year of wonderful creations and cherished memories in the workshop!

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The 2024 Month-by-Month Woodworking Project Guide

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