Modern Wooden Slated Table (With DIY Video)

Contemporary woodworking projects often meld form with function to create pieces that are as practical as they are visually appealing.

This image presents a modern wooden tabletop, a design that exemplifies the fusion of utility and modern aesthetics in furniture crafting.

Design and Structure:

The bench features a series of parallel wooden slats forming the seat and backrest, spaced to provide comfort and support while maintaining a minimalist look.

The clean lines and the inclusion of a singular, contrasting color block as a support leg give this bench a distinctive modern appeal.

Materials and Construction:

Constructed presumably from a species of softwood, the bench slats appear to be treated or sealed, considering the sheen and uniformity in color.

The choice of wood would be essential for both the bench’s durability and its weight, particularly if intended for outdoor use.

The dark-toned support block, potentially metal or stained concrete, provides a sturdy foundation and an aesthetic counterpoint to the light wood.

Joinery and Stability:

The craftsmanship in the joinery is critical for the bench’s stability and load-bearing capacity.

It appears the slats are securely fastened to the side frames, which are crucial stress points.

The integration of the table into the design without compromising the bench’s structural integrity is an excellent example of thoughtful woodworking.

Finish and Maintenance:

A protective finish is a must to guard against weather elements and wear, especially for an outdoor piece.

The bench’s design simplifies maintenance, with easy access to all surfaces for cleaning and re-application of sealant or paint as needed.


This bench represents a woodworking project that prioritizes simplicity and functionality without sacrificing design.

The integration of a tabletop within the bench itself showcases the innovative approaches woodworkers take to address space and utility in furniture design.

For those seeking to create practical, attractive outdoor seating, this bench serves as inspiration, encouraging a blend of traditional woodworking skills with modern design sensibilities.

DIY Video

This is not the same project, but it is similar. If you are interested in building a slated bench, I think this video will help you.

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