Modern Wood Box Set Woodworking Project

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In “How to Make a Beautiful Box Set,” Newton Makes guides viewers through the meticulous process of crafting a set of elegant wooden boxes, showcasing his woodworking skills and attention to detail.

The project begins with selecting and milling a piece of walnut, chosen for its attractive grain, which Newton plans to feature prominently in the design of the boxes.

The goal is to create three boxes with grain that wraps continuously around each one, a detail that requires precise cutting and assembly.

Newton explains the importance of cutting the wood in a specific way to achieve this effect, ensuring the grain flows seamlessly from one side of the box to the other.

After milling the lumber, Newton cuts the walnut into sections that will form the sides of the boxes. He emphasizes the need to add an extra eighth of an inch to the measurements to account for the saw blade’s kerf, ensuring the final dimensions are accurate after assembly.

The boxes are designed to be cubes, with each side measuring four inches. Newton meticulously measures and cuts the walnut, then resaws the pieces to create thinner panels for the box sides. This step is crucial for maintaining the continuous grain pattern around the boxes.

To assemble the boxes, Newton uses miter joints, reinforcing the importance of precise cuts for a tight fit. He also adds a rabbet on the inside edge of each box to accommodate the lid, ensuring it sits flush with the top.

For the lids, Newton introduces a contrasting element by creating a “wooden Oreo” – a sandwich of walnut and holly, which adds visual interest and highlights the craftsmanship involved in the project. The base of each box is also crafted from holly, providing a bright contrast to the dark walnut and completing the elegant look of the set.

Throughout the video, Newton shares valuable tips and techniques, from milling and cutting to assembly and finishing.

His approachable style and clear explanations make this project accessible to woodworkers of all skill levels, encouraging viewers to try their hand at creating their beautiful box set.

This video is a testament to Newton Makes’ expertise and creativity in woodworking, offering inspiration and guidance for anyone interested in crafting their wooden boxes.

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