Innovative Woodworking: a Modern Bicycle Storage Wall (Video Included)

This is an innovative bicycle storage solution within a modern interior setting. It showcases how woodworking can blend functionality with contemporary design to create efficient, space-saving furniture.

Designing for Function and Style

The wall-mounted storage system features angled cutouts within two large wooden panels, serving as secure bicycle mounts.

The design makes a visual statement while providing a practical means to store bicycles indoors, emphasizing the combination of utility and aesthetic appeal in woodworking projects.

Construction and Materials

Constructed from what appears to be plywood or a similar engineered wood product, the storage panels have been precisely cut and mounted to the wall to accommodate the bikes’ shape and size.

Plywood provides the necessary strength and stability for the bikes’ weight while being versatile enough for the intricate cuts needed for the design.

Mounting and Stability

The bicycles are held in place by custom-shaped slots that match the profile of the frames and wheels. This design requires accurate measurements and cutting.

This ensures that the bikes are displayed attractively and stored securely without risk of falling.

Finishing Techniques

The wood surfaces are likely finished with a clear sealant or lacquer to protect against wear and tear and enhance the wood’s natural look.

The finish also facilitates easy cleaning and maintenance, which is important for an item that regularly interacts with outdoor equipment.


This custom bicycle storage wall is an exemplary piece demonstrating how modern woodworking can address specific storage needs while complementing the aesthetic of a contemporary space.

It reflects the evolving nature of woodworking, where traditional craft meets modern design demands, creating functional pieces that cater to users’ lifestyles.

Montage Video Of More Bike Storage Solutions

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