Masterful Chainsaw Artistry: Bucket Pouring

A remarkable sculpture carved from an old tree stump by the talented Romanian artist Gabi Rizea is embedded within Craiova’s verdant expanses.

This image captures the essence of Rizea’s unique talent for transforming wood into expressive art.

The Sculpture’s Form:

The subject of the carving is a fluid form that emerges from the stump, preserving the natural base while morphing into a shape that defies the wood’s original structure.

The sculpture resembles a pitcher, pouring out an invisible substance that blends back into the earth.

Technique and Precision:

Rizea’s approach to wood carving utilizes the power and agility of a chainsaw, a tool not commonly associated with delicate artistry.

The precision with which the chainsaw has been guided is evident in the sculpture’s smooth contours and detailed grain patterns.

The Woodworker’s Journey:

Beginning as an experiment, Rizea’s journey into wood carving was serendipitous.

Over the past three years, his talent has flourished, and local authorities have recognized and encouraged him, allowing him to breathe new life into aging trees.

Impact and Reception:

Through his work, Rizea showcases his skill and elevates public spaces, gifting the community with art that enhances their daily environment.

His sculptures have become landmarks, appreciated by residents and visitors alike.


Gabi Rizea’s wood sculptures serve as a testament to the transformative power of woodworking.

They remind us that with the right vision and skill, even a chainsaw can become a tool for fine art, shaping wood in ways that invite admiration and inspiration.

This image represents not only a wood carver’s technical prowess but also an ode to the endless possibilities of creativity in the craft.

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