Making a Wooden Recipe Box | A Father/Daughter Project

In the video “Father-Daughter Project: Recipe Box,” Mike McCrory from Wood U Make It collaborates with his daughter Kat to create a thoughtful birthday gift for her boyfriend. This engaging project showcases the bond between father and daughter while highlighting their woodworking skills and creativity.

Mike and Kat embark on making a wooden recipe box using Bolivian rosewood and wenge, two exquisite types of wood that add a touch of elegance to the gift. The Bolivian rosewood is selected for the front and back of the box, while the wenge is used for the sides. Mike’s detailed explanations of each step, from straightening the edges of the wood to gluing and clamping, make the process easy to follow.

One of the charming aspects of the video is the practical tips Mike shares, such as using parchment paper to prevent glue from sticking to the work surface and applying clamps on both sides to prevent the wood from warping. These insights are invaluable for woodworkers at any level, ensuring a smooth and professional finish.

Kat’s boyfriend, an avid chef and drummer in the local Richmond band Sleeve, is the inspiration behind the recipe box. The couple decides on dimensions that accommodate standard 4×6 recipe cards, ensuring the box is functional and aesthetically pleasing. They carefully measure, cut, and sand each piece, demonstrating precision and attention to detail.

Mike’s guidance in using the table saw and bandsaw highlights essential safety and accuracy tips, making the video educational as well as entertaining. The project’s culmination in creating box joints and cutting grooves for the box bottom showcases their woodworking expertise and collaborative spirit.

As the project progresses, Kat and Mike cut dividers from yellow pine and personalize them using a laser engraver. They add a heartfelt message in French, “I love you more than food,” reflecting Kat’s boyfriend’s fluency in the language and adding a personal touch to the gift.

The final touch is a chessboard-themed top made from a repurposed piece of a failed chessboard project. Mike’s resourcefulness in incorporating this element adds uniqueness and character to the recipe box. The box is finished with a couple of coats of lacquer, enhancing the natural beauty of the wood.

“Father-Daughter Project: Recipe Box” is a heartwarming and informative video that beautifully captures the essence of woodworking and family collaboration. Mike McCrory’s expert guidance, combined with Kat’s enthusiasm, makes this project a delightful watch and a source of inspiration for anyone interested in creating meaningful, handcrafted gifts.

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