Making a Patio Side Table ~ DIY woodworking simple

In the video “Making a Patio Side Table ~ DIY woodworking simple,” Nate Large from Woodworking DIY & More provides a detailed tutorial on building a practical and stylish patio side table using basic materials and straightforward techniques.

This project is perfect for both novice and experienced woodworkers looking to create functional outdoor furniture.

Watch The Full How To Build Video:

Nate starts by selecting 1×6 and 2×2 pine wood for its affordability and ease of use. He cuts two lengths of 1×6 at 17 inches and two at 18.5 inches to form the table’s apron.

By tracing the edges of the 18.5-inch boards onto the 17-inch boards, Nate ensures precise alignment and pre-drills the screw holes to avoid splitting the wood.

The video highlights the importance of counter-boring screws to sink them deep enough to cover with wood plugs later. Nate uses a corner clamp to maintain right angles while joining the apron pieces, emphasizing the necessity of pre-drilling into the end grain to prevent damage.

With the apron assembled, Nate moves on to cutting four pieces of 1×6 at 22.5 inches for the tabletop. He arranges these boards, traces the apron outline, and marks the screw locations to ensure a secure fit. The tabletop boards receive pre-drilled holes and are screwed tightly together to avoid gaps.

Nate then crafts the table legs from 2x2s, rounding the edges with a quarter-inch round-over bit on a handheld router. He demonstrates the value of a chamfer bit for smoothing sharp edges and corners. Attaching the legs involves careful clamping, leveling, and securing with screws, followed by wood plugs to cover the screw heads for a clean finish.

The video concludes with Nate sanding the entire table to 220 grit for a smooth surface. While he leaves his table unfinished, he suggests viewers can apply stain, polyurethane, or paint to complete their project.

“Making a Patio Side Table ~ DIY woodworking simple” is an excellent guide for anyone looking to build durable and attractive outdoor furniture. Nate Large’s clear instructions and practical tips ensure a successful and enjoyable woodworking experience.