LIES! – How the internet mislead you about sanding!

In the video “Sanding Tips Every Woodworker Should Know,” Stumpy Nubs tackles common misconceptions and provides essential tips for effective sanding.

This video is a must-watch for woodworkers aiming to enhance their sanding skills and achieve a flawless finish on their projects.

Stumpy begins by addressing a fundamental mistake: relying solely on power sanding. He emphasizes the importance of finishing with hand sanding, moving with the grain to blend scratches into the wood’s natural texture. This step is crucial to avoid visible swirls and pigtail scratches that become apparent after applying the finish.

A key point in the video is Stumpy’s discussion on the natural characteristics of wood. He explains that wood fibers expand and contract with moisture changes, and it’s unrealistic to expect a perfectly flat surface throughout the woodworking process. This leads to his recommendation of using a cork sanding block for final hand sanding. Cork’s slight flexibility conforms to minor surface variations, making it ideal for a smoother finish.

Stumpy also introduces the concept of using rigid sanding blocks. While not suitable for final surface sanding, they are essential for squaring edges, ends, and fine-tuning joinery. He demonstrates how a rigid sanding block can ensure straight and square edges, crucial for tasks like gluing boards together for a panel.

An interesting tip shared in the video is the use of cork yoga blocks as cost-effective and durable sanding blocks. Stumpy highlights their affordability and effectiveness, suggesting adhesive-backed sandpaper for easy application.

Throughout the video, Stumpy’s practical advice and clear demonstrations provide viewers with actionable insights. His emphasis on balancing power sanding with proper hand techniques and choosing the right tools for specific tasks underscores his expertise and dedication to woodworking excellence.

“Sanding Tips Every Woodworker Should Know” by Stumpy Nubs is a valuable resource for anyone looking to refine their sanding techniques and improve the quality of their woodworking projects. Stumpy’s tips ensure that woodworkers can achieve a professional finish, avoiding common pitfalls and enhancing their overall craftsmanship.

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