Biscuit Joints vs Dowels: Which is Better?

Biscuit Joints vs Dowels Which is Better

The right man for the job, the right tool for the task, are both important rules of conduct and work.  We’ve used the latter often when writing about woodworking and the projects we undertake.  The right tool for the task …

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Are Dowels Stronger Than Pocket Holes?


Chairs need to support people; tables need to support dinner, or computers and books, or vases filled with water and flowers; cabinets need to hold their content; and, doors need to support the weight of their woods.  This is basic …

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What is a Doweling Jig?

What is a Doweling Jig

We know dowels and dowel joinery.  We’ve written about it in the past and distinguished it from biscuit joinery in an earlier piece which you will find here. Dowel joinery involves drilling holes in the two pieces being joined together, …

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