The Integrated Table and Stool Set

This compact and cleverly designed furniture piece combines a round table with integrated stools.

This woodworking project exemplifies smart design aimed at saving space while providing full functionality for both dining and seating.

Material Selection:

The table and stools are constructed from hardwood, likely oak, and are noted for their strength and appealing grain pattern.

The wood’s natural finish has been applied, enhancing the grain’s visibility and adding to the furniture’s aesthetic quality.

Structural Details:

The stools are neatly tucked under the table’s circumference, showcasing a thoughtful approach to spatial efficiency.

The seats of the stools are quarter-circle, fitting perfectly into the curve of the table when not in use. The leg design requires precision joinery work to ensure stability and durability.

Design Efficiency:

The central column that supports the table top is a fundamental part of the structure, doubling as the anchor point for the stools’ legs.

This strategic use of materials supports the weight of the table and potential diners and maintains the piece’s overall symmetry and balance.


This table and stool set demonstrates the ingenuity within woodworking to create multi-functional pieces that don’t sacrifice form for function.

Ideal for woodworkers looking to craft space-saving furniture, this design utilizes standard woodworking skills to create a piece that is practical for small spaces and visually engaging.

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