I wish I knew about this before

In “Tips for Better Woodworking,” Jon from Lincoln St. Woodworks shares a treasure trove of woodworking wisdom that ranges from practical advice on tool use to innovative techniques for ensuring precision and efficiency in the workshop.

This video is packed with insights that can help woodworkers of all levels improve their craft.

  1. Clamp Placement for Panel Glue-Ups: Jon explains the counterintuitive idea that narrower boards require more clamps, not wider ones, due to the direction of clamping force.
  2. Using Drill Bits for Precision: He demonstrates how drill bits can serve as accurate measurement tools for setting up machinery or as spacers in assembly, showcasing their versatility beyond drilling.
  3. Avoiding Tear-Out with Forstner Bits: Jon shares a tip for using a guide to prevent the forstner bit from wandering, ensuring clean holes even in soft woods.
  4. Creating Perfect Dados with a Router: He reveals a method using a drill bit as a kerf maker to ensure dados are perfectly sized for the material they will house.
  5. Router Base Orientation: Jon advises using the rounded side of a router base against a fence for more consistent and safer cuts, debunking a common misconception.
  6. Avoiding Measuring Mistakes: He emphasizes the importance of setting up cuts and joins without relying on direct measurement, reducing the chance of errors.
  7. Improving Miter Saw Dust Collection: Jon suggests using a fan to direct sawdust towards the dust chute, enhancing the notoriously poor dust collection of miter saws.
  8. Trimming Tiny Slivers: He offers a clever technique for safely trimming minimal amounts off the end of a board using a miter saw, a method that ensures precision and safety.

Jon’s video is not just a list of tips but a comprehensive guide that encourages woodworkers to think creatively and work more efficiently.

Each tip is presented with clear explanations and demonstrations, making them easy to understand and implement in any workshop.

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