I put this on my saw and it changed everything for me!

In the video “This Changed My Table Saw: Bow Extender Fence System,” Stumpy Nubs introduces a transformative accessory that significantly enhances the functionality and safety of table saws, especially smaller, job-site models.

The Bow Extender Fence System, designed by entrepreneurs Keith Bow and Bill Fidal, is presented as a game-changer for woodworkers struggling with the limitations of compact saws.

Stumpy Nubs begins by detailing the numerous problems his smaller saw had before incorporating the Bow Extender, including issues with rip cuts, handling sheet goods, and safety concerns like kickbacks and piece flipping.

He explains how this single, easily attachable accessory resolved these issues, leading to crisper, straighter cuts and more accurate joinery work.

The video highlights the Bow Extender’s design, made from a thick, straight aluminum extrusion available in various lengths, making it adaptable to different saw sizes and needs.

This flexibility allows for better handling of longer rip cuts and support for large sheet goods, which are typically challenging to manage on compact saws with short fences.

An appealing feature of the Bow Extender Fence System is its ease of installation and adjustment. It clamps onto existing fences, extending the reference surface significantly.

This extension not only improves control over the workpiece during cuts but also enhances safety by reducing the likelihood of kickbacks—a common hazard with shorter fences.

Stumpy Nubs also discusses optional stock supports that can be attached to the Bow Extender, likening the stability and support they offer to that of larger, stationary cabinet saws.

This addition is particularly beneficial for handling large or heavy materials that could otherwise cause tipping or require cumbersome outfeed setups.

Throughout the video, Stumpy Nubs expresses genuine enthusiasm for the Bow Extender Fence System, noting its potential to alleviate many of the frustrations associated with smaller saws without compromising on portability or space efficiency.

He concludes by encouraging viewers to consider this system not only to enhance their woodworking capabilities and safety but also to support the innovative small business behind this product.

This video serves as both a practical guide for improving table saw functionality and a testimonial to the impact of innovative woodworking accessories on overall workshop efficiency and safety.

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