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In “How to Make a Laminated Work Surface for a Miter Saw Station,” Jon from Lincoln St. Woodworks shares a comprehensive guide on creating a durable and functional work surface for his miter saw station.

This project is aimed at enhancing any workshop by adding a versatile work surface that incorporates an integrated combination track for added functionality.

Jon begins by emphasizing the importance of allowing lumber to acclimate to your shop environment for at least two weeks before starting the project. This step is crucial for minimizing wood movement and ensuring the stability of the work surface.

He also discusses the importance of using kiln-dried lumber if possible and checking the moisture content with a moisture meter to ensure the wood is ready for use.

The tutorial covers the milling process, where Jon advises working down to the final thickness of the wood over several days. This gradual approach allows the wood to rest and adjust, reducing the likelihood of warping or twisting.

Jon highlights the use of epoxy to fill any cracks or voids in the wood before the final milling, ensuring a smooth and stable surface.

Jon’s methodical approach includes careful planning and assembly, including the use of a combination track that adds flexibility for using T-track accessories.

He provides tips for installing the track flush with the work surface and ensuring it is perfectly aligned.

The edge banding process adds a finishing touch to the work surfaces, with Jon choosing materials that enhance the overall look and durability of the work surface. He meticulously prepares the edge banding, ensuring it fits perfectly around the combination track.

Jon’s tutorial showcases his ability to create practical, user-friendly DIY projects. By converting standard lumber into a laminated work surface with an integrated combination track, he provides a solution that improves workshop organization and ease of use, proving that thoughtful planning and execution can lead to significant improvements in your working space.

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