I discovered an AMAZING 2×6 trick for woodworkers!

In Stumpy Nubs’ video titled “The Secret to Perfect, Strong Mitered Corners,” he explores an innovative approach to crafting stronger and more precise miter joints for woodworking projects like boxes and frames.

Utilizing a seemingly ordinary piece of 2×6 construction lumber, Stumpy Nubs demonstrates how to enhance the standard miter joint, typically weak due to limited gluing surfaces and reliance on end-grain attachments.

He begins by discussing the common issues with traditional miter joints, which while aesthetically pleasing, often lack durability and strength. To address these shortcomings, Stumpy Nubs introduces the technique of using hidden splines.

Splines increase the joint’s surface area for gluing and introduce long-grain to end-grain connections, significantly enhancing the joint’s structural integrity without compromising the clean look of mitered corners.

The core of the video details a straightforward method for cutting spline slots using a router table, although he mentions that the same principles apply to using a table saw.

He emphasizes the importance of precise setup and alignment to ensure accurate cuts, using double-sided tape to attach two workpieces for simultaneous slotting, which maintains consistency across the project.

Stumpy Nubs is meticulous in explaining how to set up the router table, position the fence, and secure a custom-made beveled fence from a 2×6 board to guide the workpieces.

This setup ensures stability and accuracy while cutting the spline slots, highlighting his method’s practicality and efficiency.

Additionally, he provides insights on selecting the right materials for the splines, recommending quarter-inch or eighth-inch plywood due to its cross-grain strength, which is superior to single-direction wood grains.

This choice is crucial for maximizing the durability and effectiveness of the splines.

Towards the end of the video, Stumpy Nubs briefly discusses safety and the importance of using featherboards on the router table to prevent kickback, underscoring his commitment to thorough, safe workshop practices.

This video serves not just as a tutorial but as a creative solution to a common woodworking problem, offering viewers a method to significantly strengthen their miter joints with simple tools and techniques.

Stumpy Nubs’ clear, detailed instructions and practical tips make it accessible for woodworkers of all skill levels looking to improve the quality and durability of their box and frame projects.

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