How to transform your home with custom built-ins.

In the video titled “Built-in Cabinet Series Part 1: Demo and Building Begins,” Keith Johnson takes viewers through the initial phases of a built-in cabinet project.

This detailed and informative video is tailored for those interested in the finer aspects of woodworking and cabinet making.

The project begins with Keith needing to replace an old built-in unit with a modern and improved version.

He collaborates with several professionals, including Kevin from Fine Point Cabinetry for co-building and Matt Moore for design renderings.

The video captures the process from the demolition of the old unit to the detailed planning and beginning of the construction of the new cabinetry.

Keith uses rift-sawn white oak combi core plywood for the build, emphasizing the quality of materials used.

He walks viewers through the various steps involved in constructing the cabinets, including creating double-thick shelves, handling face frame stocks, and the specific joinery techniques employed.

Each step is explained with clarity, showcasing both the craftsmanship involved and the collaborative effort of the team.

Throughout the video, Keith provides practical tips on woodworking techniques, such as using CA glue for temporary holds during lamination and the advantages of using a vacuum bag for even clamping pressure.

He also introduces viewers to the hardware and tools used, like the Lamello Zeta P2 for joinery, highlighting the efficiency and precision these tools bring to the project.

This video serves not only as a step-by-step guide for building a built-in cabinet but also as an educational resource for woodworking enthusiasts interested in enhancing their skills in cabinetry.

Keith’s detailed explanations and the high-quality visual content make this video an invaluable resource for anyone looking to undertake a similar project or refine their woodworking techniques.

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