How to Prevent Rust and Maintenance Hand Tools

In the video “Preventing Rust on Tools,” James Wright from Wood By Wright ASMR provides a detailed guide on maintaining and preventing rust on metal tools in the workshop.

This video is invaluable for woodworkers who want to preserve their tools and ensure longevity and functionality.

James begins by explaining the importance of a controlled environment, such as an air-conditioned or heated space, to minimize moisture and rust. He emphasizes that even in a basement workshop with stable humidity levels, regular maintenance is crucial. For those working in garages or areas with fluctuating moisture, James suggests more frequent care.

A standout feature of the video is James’s comprehensive rust prevention plan. He performs a bi-annual maintenance routine, oiling and waxing tools to keep rust at bay. Additionally, he conducts an annual thorough inspection of every tool, whether used frequently or not, ensuring that each piece is cleaned, oiled, and waxed. This proactive approach helps in preventing rust formation and maintaining the tools in optimal condition.

James provides specific techniques for different tools, such as planes, saws, chisels, and files. He demonstrates how to clean rust spots with sandpaper, apply oil, and finish with a coat of paste wax. His methodical approach ensures that the tools remain functional and rust-free. James’s use of homemade paste wax and his emphasis on regular cleaning routines highlight his practical and accessible strategies for tool maintenance.

The video also covers less commonly addressed items like rasps, files, and wooden planes. James explains how to clean and maintain these tools, including using a card file to remove rust from hard-to-reach areas and applying oil to prevent future rust. His detailed explanations and hands-on demonstrations make the process straightforward and easy to follow.

Throughout the video, James’s calm and methodical presentation style, combined with ASMR elements, provides a relaxing yet informative experience. His practical tips and thorough explanations make this video a must-watch for woodworkers looking to maintain their tools effectively.

“Preventing Rust on Tools” by James Wright is an excellent resource for anyone aiming to preserve their metal tools and ensure their longevity. James’s expertise and comprehensive maintenance plan offer valuable insights into effective rust prevention, making this video an essential addition to any woodworker’s knowledge base.