How to make a wooden box

In the video titled “Making Gift Boxes – The Perfect Woodworking Gift,” Jay Bates delves into the intricate and rewarding process of crafting handmade gift boxes.

Using curly maple and spalted soft maple, Bates showcases not just his woodworking prowess but also his thoughtful approach to gift-giving.

He emphasizes that handmade gifts often hold more sentimental value than purchased ones, especially when tailored for special occasions like Christmas.

Jay begins by explaining his choice of wood, mentioning a purchase from Bob Klose during a trip to Wisconsin.

He highlights Bob’s inventory of figured wood and recommends his website to viewers, noting Bob’s capability to ship nationwide, making his high-quality wood accessible to a broader audience.

The technical part of the video is detailed and informative. Jay walks through the initial stages of preparing the wood, using a jointer and planer to achieve flat and parallel boards.

He describes his first experience using figured wood on these machines, pointing out the superior finish achieved with a helical head on his jointer compared to the straight knife cutter head on his planer.

For the construction of the boxes, Jay details the process of resawing the wood to the desired thickness and then using a miter saw with spacer blocks to ensure that the grain patterns align aesthetically around the boxes.

He shares a tip about the continuous grain technique, which allows the wood’s grain to seamlessly flow around the box without interruption.

Jay’s meticulous attention to craftsmanship is evident as he discusses the joinery and assembly techniques.

He explains his method for cutting the box sides and ensuring the joints are precise to avoid frustrations during assembly.

His approach includes making a test joint, which he highly recommends to ensure that everything fits perfectly before proceeding.

Throughout the video, Jay interjects practical advice and woodworking tips, like using a cheap brush for applying glue and taping off the interior faces of the box to prevent glue stains.

These tips are not only helpful for achieving a professional finish but also make the process more manageable and less prone to errors.

In summary, Jay Bates’ video on making gift boxes is a thorough guide that blends technical woodworking skills with the thoughtful nuances of handmade gift-giving.

He not only teaches viewers how to make a beautiful wooden box but also encourages the creation of meaningful and personalized gifts.

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