How to Make a Quick and Easy Book Stand From Scraps

In the video “Scrap Wood Book Stand” by Make Something, David Picciuto demonstrates how to craft a practical book stand using leftover materials, emphasizing creativity and resourcefulness.

This project is perfect for woodworkers looking to repurpose scraps into functional and stylish items.

David begins by designing the book stand using his Glowforge laser cutter, experimenting with different sizes to achieve the perfect dimensions. He settles on a design with three equal sides, each nine inches wide and eleven inches long, forming an equilateral triangle with 30-degree angles at the joints.

The tutorial highlights his process of selecting suitable scraps from his workshop, showcasing the value of utilizing materials already on hand.

The video proceeds with David cutting the plywood to size and adding a walnut edge banding for a contrasting finish. He offers practical advice on edge banding, including tips on applying it efficiently using glue and masking tape instead of clamps. His spontaneous approach, filled with humor and candid moments, makes the tutorial both engaging and relatable.

One of the standout features of the video is David’s use of a custom jig to cut precise 30-degree miters on his table saw. This jig enables him to achieve the necessary angles for a seamless assembly.

David explains the importance of adjusting the blade angle slightly to ensure perfect corners when gluing the pieces together.

David’s attention to detail extends to adding a functional groove for a pencil holder, enhancing the book stand’s utility. He also incorporates laser-etched designs on the side panels, adding a personalized touch to the project. His use of a laser cutter to create intricate patterns exemplifies how modern technology can elevate traditional woodworking projects.

Throughout the video, David’s clear instructions and hands-on demonstrations make the project accessible to woodworkers of all skill levels. His emphasis on creativity and experimentation encourages viewers to adapt the design to their preferences and available materials.

“Scrap Wood Book Stand” is an inspiring project for woodworkers looking to make the most of their scrap materials. David Picciuto’s expertise, combined with his engaging presentation style, provides viewers with practical techniques and creative ideas for their own woodworking endeavors.