How to Build a Table Saw Cross Cut Sled

In “Building the Ultimate Crosscut Sled,” Jason Hibbs from Bourbon Moth Woodworking takes on the challenge of creating a highly functional and innovative crosscut sled for his table saw.

The project is inspired by a unique fence stop sent by his friend, Jonathan Katz-Moses, which doesn’t fit Jason’s existing sled. This sets the stage for Jason to build a new crosscut sled tailored to accommodate this advanced stop mechanism.

Jason’s approach is both resourceful and creative. He aims to construct the sled using materials he already has in his workshop, avoiding any trips to the store.

This constraint adds an interesting layer to the project as he navigates through his collection of tools and materials to find everything needed for the build.

The video details the process of constructing the sled, starting with selecting the right plywood for the base. Jason emphasizes the importance of using a sturdy and flat piece of plywood to ensure the sled’s accuracy and durability.

He then moves on to creating the miter slot runners from hard maple, ensuring a snug fit in the table saw’s miter slots for smooth operation.

A significant part of the project involves integrating the fence stop into the sled’s design. Jason decides to mount a piece of T-track on the sled’s fence to accommodate the stop.

This decision leads him to incorporate a piece of extruded aluminum into the fence, which not only serves as a track for the stop but also adds rigidity to the sled.

Throughout the video, Jason shares valuable tips and tricks, such as using pennies as spacers to adjust the height of the miter slot runners and applying paste wax to the sled’s base for smoother gliding over the table saw.

His problem-solving skills and attention to detail are evident as he works through each step of the build, from cutting and assembling the components to fine-tuning the sled for perfect alignment.

Jason’s tutorial is not just about building a crosscut sled; it’s a demonstration of how to approach a woodworking project with ingenuity and resourcefulness.

The final product is a testament to his craftsmanship, showcasing a crosscut sled that is not only functional but also equipped with features that enhance its versatility and accuracy.

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