How To Build A DIY Shoe Storage Bench

In the video “DIY Shoe Storage Bench | How to Build,” Brad from Fix This Build That provides a comprehensive guide to constructing a stylish and functional shoe storage bench. This project is perfect for anyone looking to organize their entryway while adding a touch of craftsmanship to their home.

Brad starts by explaining the frame and panel construction of the bench sides, using 2×2 material for the legs. He skillfully cuts rabbets into the back legs to hold a ¼ inch plywood back, ensuring stability and a clean finish. Brad then cuts and joins the side rails and legs, demonstrating how to achieve precise measurements and secure joints using pocket screws.

A standout feature of the bench is the use of ¾ inch plywood panels, which Brad shims to flush with the legs using playing cards for precision. He meticulously fills the pocket holes with custom plugs, sharing both his initial struggles and his ultimate success in finding an efficient method.

Brad’s attention to detail continues as he prepares the lower and adjustable shelves, adding trim to hide the plywood edges and drilling holes for adjustable shelf pins. His process ensures a professional look and functional design, perfect for accommodating various shoe sizes.

The highlight of the video is Brad’s work on the walnut top. He walks viewers through selecting, milling, and joining the boards, filling imperfections with epoxy, and applying a beautiful satin polyurethane finish. His expert tips on handling wood movement and achieving a smooth finish add significant value to the project.

Brad concludes by assembling the bench, attaching the top with oversized holes for seasonal movement, and securing the back panel with a brad nailer. He installs the adjustable shelf with shelf pins and screws, anticipating the heavy use it will endure.

“DIY Shoe Storage Bench | How to Build” is a fantastic resource for anyone looking to tackle a woodworking project that combines practicality and aesthetic appeal. Brad’s thorough explanations, step-by-step instructions, and expert advice make this video an invaluable guide for woodworkers of all skill levels.

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