GuitaTables: A Fusion of Music and Woodworking

The innovative GuitaTable (guitar table) is a conversation-starting coffee table that integrates four classical guitars.

Each guitar is positioned to extend towards the table’s corners, with the necks precisely bent to form the table’s legs.

The design is a tribute to the timeless allure of the guitar, bringing a melodic soul to the living space of any music lover or guitarist.

Design Specifications:

The GuitaTable measures 39.3 inches by 39.3 inches and is 21.6 inches high, making it a well-sized centerpiece for various spaces.

Its craftsmanship is evident in its handmade construction and customizable options, including color choices and a central piece of wood that can be laser-engraved and made to glow in the dark.

Functional Artistry:

The unique design offers practical functionality. The sound holes can be utilized as secure drink holders, thanks to rubber coasters nestled inside for stability and protection.

Alternatively, the guitars can be pre-strung, adding another layer of authenticity and charm to the piece.

Bespoke Features:

Each GuitaTable has a convenient side drawer for storing musical accessories, from extra guitar strings to picks and capos.

Moreover, the table is fitted with rubber pads at the base to protect the instrument tips and flooring, ensuring stability and care for the details.

Handmade and Personalized:

These tables are bespoke and crafted to order in the UK by SchemeBespoke.

The 4-6 weeks lead time reflects the careful attention to detail and customization that goes into each table.

Clients can expect a range of prices depending on their chosen features, ranging from approximately $560 to $850.

Versatility in Use:

While perfectly suited for the living room as a coffee table, the GuitaTables’ versatility allows for other uses, including dining spaces, music clubs, or restaurants.

They serve not only as functional furniture but also as a striking symbol of a passion for music.

In Conclusion, The GuitaTable by SchemeBespoke is more than a piece of furniture; it’s an artistic statement that marries the love for woodworking and music.

Its creation speaks to the ingenuity of modern woodcraft, offering guitar fans a means to incorporate their musical passion into their daily living environment.

Each table, a symphony of woodwork and guitar artistry, is a testament to contemporary woodworking’s innovative and collaborative spirit.

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