Functional Deck Chair with Integrated Drink Holders

This practical woodworking project is a deck chair designed for utility and convenience. Built from light-colored pine, this bench combines seating with ample storage space and innovative drink holders integrated into the armrests.

Construction Details

The bench is constructed to offer a sturdy seating option while maximizing space efficiency.

Each armrest flips open to reveal a compartment designed to securely hold drinks, a feature that is particularly useful for outdoor entertainment spaces.


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Material Selection

Pine is chosen for its cost-effectiveness and workability, making it a popular choice among woodworkers.

It’s important to finish the pine with a weather-resistant sealant if the bench will be used outdoors, to protect against moisture and UV damage.

Design Features

The chair features clean, straight lines and a minimalist design that would fit well in a variety of settings. The hinged armrests are a key functional element, designed to provide quick access to drinks without compromising the structural integrity or aesthetic of the bench.

Each compartment must be crafted to minimize moisture ingress and ensure that items stored within remain dry and secure.

Mobility Considerations

Equipped with casters, the bench is designed for easy relocation.

This mobility is ideal for outdoor furniture, allowing users to move the bench in response to changing weather conditions or different usage scenarios. The casters should be selected for their durability and suitability for all types of outdoor surfaces.

Practical Woodworking Tips

When replicating this project, woodworkers should focus on precision in the fitting of the hinged armrests and the alignment of the casters.

Proper sanding and finishing are crucial for preventing splinters and for enhancing the wood’s natural patterns. Joinery should be robust, especially around the bench’s base and where the seat meets the backrest, to ensure longevity and safety.


This chair project exemplifies how practicality and simplicity in design can meet the needs of modern living. It is an excellent example for woodworkers looking to create functional, durable, and versatile outdoor furniture.

The integrated drink holders in the armrests add a unique touch that combines convenience with innovation, appealing to those who enjoy woodworking projects that cater to lifestyle enhancements.

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