Five Easy Woodworking Projects || One Day Build Ideas

In “Handmade Holiday Gift Ideas / Woodworking Projects,” Jason Hibbs from Bourbon Moth Woodworking shares several easy-to-make woodworking projects that are perfect for holiday gifts.

He begins by highlighting the importance of trees for woodworkers and the opportunities they present to create unique items.

With the holiday season approaching, he aims to demonstrate how to make simple yet impressive gifts in the woodshop suitable for children and adults alike. He humorously suggests starting early to allow plenty of time for the inevitable procrastination.

The first project is a chessboard. Jason explains that a chessboard is an impressive gift due to its perceived complexity, yet it is straightforward to make.

He made this particular chessboard using black walnut and hard maple, and he walks through the process step by step.

To make the chessboard, strips of contrasting woods are cut to the width of the squares. Four strips of each color are needed to make up the eight rows of a chessboard. After planing the strips to a uniform thickness and gluing them together, he ensures the glue is adequately applied for a solid bond.

Once the glue dries, Jason sands the piece smooth and cuts the individual squares on a table saw. He points out that though the board initially looks striped, rotating every other strip creates the checkered pattern of a chessboard.

After arranging the strips into the checkered pattern, they are glued together.

Jason emphasizes the importance of aligning the squares precisely to avoid issues during assembly.

After gluing and sanding the final piece, he provides tips for applying a border to enhance the chessboard’s appearance and explains how to secure the chessboard to a plywood substrate to mitigate wood movement.

The next project is homemade candles with unique fragrances, such as gunpowder and Worcestershire sauce, to give them a special touch. Jason goes through the candle-making process, melting down wax and adding the fragrances layer by layer.

He also makes a custom six-pack beer holder out of plywood. The beer holder can be filled with a variety of favorite beers and gifted, making it both a practical and personal present.

He gives a detailed explanation of the measurements and assembly process, including a built-in bottle opener and his own branding sticker.

Throughout the video, Jason’s approach is engaging, humorous, and informative, demonstrating that making thoughtful gifts can be fun and fulfilling.

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