Does Tung Oil Waterproof Wood?

Tung Oil on Walnut

We like using an oil finish on our woodworking projects at Obsessed Woodworking. We’ve written about a number of oils used in finishing wood, including boiled linseed oil, Danish oil, and teak oil.  Today we want to drill down a …

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Does Tung Oil Go Bad?

Pure Tung Oil

We like oil finishes on our woodworking projects.  They create a beautiful finish, accentuate grains, and offer great protection for the wood surface. There are a variety of oils that work well on wood, and we’ve written about some of …

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Does Tung Oil Finish Darken Wood?

Does Tung Oil Finish Darken Wood

We’ve moved away from wood stains, both water-based and oil-based stains, for our woodworking projects and graduated to drying oils.  We love the look and the feel, and we enjoy the cloth rub to apply it to the wood. There’s …

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Is Tung Oil Food Safe On Wood?

Is Tung Oil Food Safe On Wood

We were discussing finishes the other day with a friend, a fellow woodworking hobbyist, and in particular, our current preferences.  We talked about stains and topcoats and such, finish products we’ve both used in the past, and we found we’d …

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