How Long to Wait For Stain To Dry Between Coats

When To Apply Second Coat of Stain

A wood stain application requires careful timing, especially when adding multiple coats. Done correctly, you get a flawless finish; when done wrong, you risk tackiness or uneven color. This article dives into stain drying times, environmental factors, and common pitfalls. …

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Finishing Face-Off: Wood Stain vs Dye

Wood Stain vs Dye

Back in the 60s and early 70s, it was tie-dyed tee shirts and bell-bottom jeans, the uniform of the day.  Rock music, Woodstock, the aroma of cannabis in the air, but don’t take the brown acid.  Colorful, each tee was …

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How Long Does Water-Based Stain Take To Dry?

How Long Does Water-Based Stain Take To Dry

My, how impatient we have become these days.  Instant gratification is the rule now – we want it all, and we want it now.  Those of us who work with wood know this doesn’t work well in the shop.   Years …

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Does Stain Protect Your Wood From Moisture?

Does Stain Protect Your Wood From Moisture

When you’ve chosen the wood carefully for your project, chosen it for its natural beauty and the grain that will present when it’s seen, you want to preserve that beauty and allow the grain to show through.  Paint will hide …

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Can You Stain a Charcuterie Board?

Can You Stain a Charcuterie Board

Wood kitchen countertops have become somewhat popular of late, and it’s an excellent choice for the home cook.  We live near a sawmill and have access to slabs of a variety of woods at custom lengths.  With a kitchen remodel …

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