How To Dispose Of Stain Rags

Appling Stain With Rag

We all know the dangers of woodworking.  Power tools, and even hand tools, when not used properly and without taking the proper precautions, can cause great harm, and we must be careful. There is a reason why we recommend eye …

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Does Red Oak Stain Well?

Red Oak Board With Stain

As a woodworking fanatic with perpetually stained hands, I’ve experimented with every type of wood under the sun. Red oak’s intricate grain has always tempted me, but I could never get the deeper stains to penetrate properly. After too many …

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Can You Stain Over Varnish?

Varnish and Stain

Stained your beautiful woodwork only to seal it with varnish and realize the color’s all wrong? I’ve made every mistake imaginable when it comes to wood stains and varnishes, and I’ll show you how to fix discolored varnish without starting …

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Does Birch Wood Stain Well?

Birch Board With Stain Applied

Have you ever used a piece of birch wood (solid wood) in a woodworking project?  Or are you more familiar with birch plywood, whether all birch or with a birch top veneer? If you have used solid wood in a …

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Does Cedar Stain Well?

Cedar Board Stained

We recently wrote an article about painting cedar wood white.  While we wonder why anyone would want to since cedar is a beautiful wood on its own, we had been asked, and so we answered.  Everyone walks their own woodworking …

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Can You Stain Wood Without Sanding?

Staining Wood

A lawyer friend of mine once told me most of his clients had as their first question, “Can I be sued?”  He always answered yes, but told them the more important question was whether they could be sued successfully.  That …

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Does Poplar Stain Well?

Poplar Wood

A while back, we wrote a piece about poplar wood and asked whether poplar is stronger than pine.  We will not repeat our answer here, but we did provide some helpful information about poplar in the woodworking shop. That piece …

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Can You Stain Over Shellac?

Stain and Shellac

When we began our woodworking hobby, we assumed there was a generally accepted order in which our project was to be finished.  If the wood was to be stained, we stained, and then we added a topcoat, whether polyurethane, varnish, …

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Does Pine Stain Well?

Stained Pine Doors

While we have moved away somewhat from default staining our woodworking projects, turning instead to wood oils or products like Rubio Monocoat, we still will occasionally use a wood stain as part of finishing the project.  Stains come in a …

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Why Is My Stainable Wood Filler Not Staining?

Stainable Wood Filler Not Staining

Wood filler is a substance used to fill imperfections in wood, such as nail holes, cracks, and dents. It is typically made from a combination of wood fibers, resin, and a hardening agent. It can be applied with a putty …

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Can You Stain MDF?

Can You Stain MDF

Everything today has an acronym, and they have become a part of the English lexicon in everyday use now.  You probably use some of them, too, at the least when you are using a messaging app on your phone.  LOL, …

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Can You Stain Caulk? Simple Tips For Stained Caulking

Can You Stain Caulk

Curious about staining caulk and how it can elevate your DIY projects? You’ve found the right article! I’ll explore whether you can stain caulk and share some straightforward tips for achieving beautifully stained caulking. Understanding this can make a huge …

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Should You Sand Between Coats of Stain?

Should You Sand Between Coats of Stain

Even we woodworking hobbyists want our projects to have a professional look when we’re done. We want the corners to be square; we want the tables to be level; we want the finish to be even and blotch-free; and we …

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How To Fix Blotchy Gel Stain (Easy To Follow Steps)

Fix Blotchy Gel Stain

We know what blotchy means…patchy, covered with blotches, uneven, spotty.  When it comes to woodworking, we know also that we don’t like blotchy finishes.  A spotty and uneven finish on our project almost takes the fun out of woodworking after …

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How to Stain Wood Filler & Avoid Common Problems

Wood Filler

As a seasoned woodworker, I’ve often relied on wood filler to address imperfections in wood projects. Wood filler is essentially a compound used for repairing and concealing flaws like nail holes, cracks, or gaps in wood. But, can you stain …

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